Cost Calculator

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Communauto - which plan is right for me?

Use the sliders below to enter your estimated Communauto usage over a year. The graphic below will tell you the approximate yearly cost for each of the available plans. Move your mouse over (or touch) the segments of the bar chart to get more details.

Disclaimer: This calculator is not an official Communauto calculator. The calculator can only create estimates of your average planned usage. Differences can occur if the hourly or day rate is applied for certain rentals.

Short Term Rentals

# of rentals
Average KM
Average Duration (hours)

Long Term RentalsSame pricing for all plans

# of long-term rentals (days)
Average KM

Did I choose the right plan?

This second graphic is based on one year of my personal Communauto usage. It uses the data of each car rental and calculates the hypothetical total cost for each of the existing plans. This calculation is based on the actual usage, which makes the calculation very precise. It also takes into consideration surcharges for "family vehicles" and weekend rentals. The fees also include any kind of penalties of booking fees for bookings over the phone.

It would be great to see this visualization as part of the Communauto member section. It could quickly inform each member if they should upgrade or downgrade to another plan.