this sketchbook

A public showcase for some small ideas

Today there is no shortage of web applications that allow you to share your ideas and your artwork. But each service has its niche, Instagram and Unsplash for sharing photos, Twitter to share links ideas and some images, Tableau Public to share your data visualizations Medium for articles, Codepen or OpenProcessing for smaller scripts and so on.

But what if you want to share all of the above examples in one place?

I was confronted with this question when looking for a place to share my humble beginnings in creative coding sketches and data visualizations. In the end, I decided a to create a "quick'n'dirty" static website where I could easily add my work.

Here we are. 

In the end it got a bit more sophisticated than anticipated and instead of creating a static HTML site the site is now connected to Kentico Cloud making editing content much easier.

Hope you enjoy.

The making of...

Having worked for 10 years with Kentico CMS and only occasionally touching code, I knew that the landscape of web development evolved quite a bit. While I looked over the shoulders of our dev team for 10 years I learned a lot. Creating this site was a still personal challenge that forced me to discover a couple of interesting and lightweight technologies.

For the more tech savvy people out there, here is a (probably incomplete) list of libraries and services that I used to make it happen.